2012 TOUR

THE ARTIST – Victor Coyote


Reinvent or die?? Coyote Victor’s case has little to do with Madonna. Alfonso Pato said it best in “El Pais”, “Victor Coyote doesn’t have so many styles, he only has one – the Victor Coyote style.”


No triple faces, urgent surgeries or easy brush ups. Let’s just say that what we are  talking about is just a really talented guy.


Victor Coyote’s main conviction is his belief in  popular music in the broadest sense. For several years now he has been mixing folklore, melodic music, dance music and experimental art-rock. Victor Coyote’s new album , combines the glam-folk (Steve Harley, Saylor, Kevin Coyne, Pau Riba, Vitorino) with Atlantic and Mediterranean musical traditions (and if you don’t believe  it, take a look at the clover on the cover).


Joven de Cuello Vuelto”  speaks of the desperate feelings a young man feels for Rimbaud, the doomed romantic, mature women, epic suicide and out of style drinks. All of this from the point of view of an old man who is believed to be “very cool” (Coyote himself). The song “Ristra de Mentiras” recounts how  we are all experts in being victims of scams, frauds and inaccuracies, sentimental lies, advertising and self-delusion. The song celebrates, in the Galician style of  “furancho”, all of  these indispensable lies. “La Lógica de los Ópticos (mini instrumental)” shows that a great song can also have a rich instrumentation, both gloomy and cinematic.


Check Victor Coyote out here:



24th May – LIPA Cafe, Liverpool

30th May – Galileo Galilei, Madrid

31st May – El Corillo, Salamanca

1st June – La Fabrica De Chocolate, Vigo

2nd June – Portacaeli, Valladolid








Emily Linden – Guitar

Craig Walsh – Bass

Ross Higginson – Drums

Emily Roe – Violin

Flo Perlin – Cello

Marius Rekstad – Keyboards

Moorea Masa – Vocals

Charlotte Haining – Vocals


2012 TEAM


Sarah Brougham – Manager

Niall McGuiness – Manager


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