Jacobo Serra


The troubadour who sings to sadness. Jacobo Serra

stands out as the most dazzling singer-songwriter of his generation.


Nietzsche is to blame. Jacobo Serra, son and grandson of lawyers, was called to be that brilliant law student, romantic and conscientious, hoping to deliver social justice, to help the homeless, and to find "the presence of some Mariano José de Larra —a romantic Spanish author— among his classmates,”. The academic disappointment

took no less than a term to manifest itself, but then a quote from the philosopher F.Nietzsche came to mind: Music should be cultivated by those who know “the sadness of the most profound happiness, and no other sadness at all.” And he vowed to make that musical sadness his mode of expression, and even of life. Today, a decade later and with his first LP Don’t Give Up under the arm, he may be closer to achieving

that goal and it will not be for lack of merit: his 10 songs bare resemblance to Teddy Thompson, Ron Sexsmith, Amos Lee, Jesse Harris, or the less manneristic Rufus Wainwright. The royalty

of international singer-songwriters.


The secret of his ostensible talent will be increasingly difficult to hide. The Autumn Defense, the extraordinary acoustic band stemming from Wilco, chose him as the opening act for their recent Spanish tour after listening to Don’t Give Up. Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith was charmed by The Word I Never Say, the song that titled Jacobo’s first EP.


Jacobo is a rare case of pure melodic instinct. Far from the archetypal songwriter who grew up among hundreds of vinyls, he grew up listening to opera and he took his first steps in a choir of Renaissance polyphony. There were only two pop albums in his home, the blue and red compilations by The Beatles, but that was enough for the kid to set the ball rolling. Even today he still thinks that the songs composed between the transition of the sixties and seventies were the best tunes ever

written. But the repertoire of Don’t Give Up, even with its many classical resonances, offers a glimpse of the most remarkable Spanish composer in recent years. Jacobo Serra stands out as the most dazzling singer-songwriter of his generation.

~ Fernando Neira, Babelia - El País





Liverpool based Joseph Warriner is a session drummer with extensive live and studio experience. Having performed with various bands from the North West along with studying at the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Preforming Arts, Joseph was able to further his drumming techniques.



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